Martin Dubravec, M.D.  


The Great White Pine Puppet Company was established in January 2004 to celebrate the art of marionettes in our family. The Puppet Company is used as an educational home-schooling tool for our children as well as a family activity.

The puppets that are used in the Great White Pine Puppet Company are of the former Pelham Puppet Company of England and the currently established David Leach Productions Company, also of England. These handmade marionettes represent exquisite craftsmanship and many of them are custom made to order marionettes. The White Pine Puppet Company is organized as follows:

· Gwen Dubravec - Supreme Director, manager, and oversight coordinator. All other personnel respond directly to her. All decisions, with regard to the Great White Pine Puppet Company, are subject to review by her.

· Martin Dubravec - director and curator; puppeteer.

· Cecilia Dubravec - puppeteer.

· Nicholas Dubravec - puppeteer emeritus.