POLLEN COUNT FOR    Friday, October 15, 2021


Tree Pollen      Insignificant

Grass Pollen    Insignificant

Weed Pollen    Insignificant

Mold Spores    Mildly Significant



Comment:       Today ends our 2021 airborne allergen surveillance.  Tree pollination was first noted on March 22.  Ragweed pollination was first seen on August 9.  We can expect mold spore production to continue until we have a hard frost.  It is rare for our area to not have had a hard frost yet.


Our office will be closed next week.  A staff member will be available to answer non-emergent telephone messages during the week we are closed.



Please Note:  



These pollen counts are measured on the grounds of our office in downtown Cadillac.  They are offered as a public service to local health care professionals and news media.  They are also posted on our website at www.martindubravec.yourmd.com .   If you have any questions about these measurements, please feel free to contact me.







Martin Dubravec, MD



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